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Buat yg transisi dari Windows ke Mac

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  • Buat yg transisi dari Windows ke Mac

    What's it called on my Mac?
    Your Mac and Mac OS X include many of the same capabilities as a Windows computer. If you're not sure what it's on the Mac, here's a list of Windows and Mac terms to help you find what you're looking for:

    Windows term
    Mac term

    Dashboard widgets, Utilities Applications
    Dashboard includes a calculator, notepad, address book, and clock widget.
    You'll find similar applications in the Applications folder and the Utilities
    folder (which is in the Applications folder).

    Alt key
    Option key
    Used to modify keys and enter special characters such as é.

    Close box
    Close button
    Closes a window when you click it. It's the left most button of the three
    buttons located in the upper-left corner of the window.

    Control key
    Command (⌘) key
    Used with keyboard combinations to perform actions or shortcuts. For
    example, pressing Command-S usually saves a document or file.

    Control panels
    System Preferences
    Used to select system settings such as your desktop background. To open
    System Preferences, choose Apple menu > System Preferences.

    Device Manager
    System Profiler
    Get detailed information about your computer hardware and software.
    Choose Apple menu > About This Mac and click More Info.

    Disk drive eject button
    Media Eject key
    To open and close the optical drive, press the Media Eject key on your
    keyboard. To eject disks in other types of drives, (or if your keyboard
    doesn't have the Media Eject key,) select the disk in the Finder and choose
    File > Eject.

    Choose Quit from the application menu to exit an application. (The
    application menu is labeled with your application’s name.)

    Microsoft Photo Editor
    Use iPhoto to download photos from your digital camera and create your
    own photo albums.

    Mouse (Two-Button)
    Mouse (One-Button)
    Click your Mac one-button mouse to select items, such as folders and
    windows, and to open menus. Hold the mouse button down to drag items
    or select several objects. To open a "shortcuts menu," hold the Control
    key down as you click.

    My Computer
    Sometimes refers to the Mac OS X work environment. Also used to refer
    to background behind all the windows. You can keep documents and other
    icons on your desktop.

    My Documents folder
    Documents folder
    Use the Documents folder in your home folder to store your documents.
    To see your Documents folder, open a Finder window and click your home
    folder in the sidebar on the left side of the window.

    My Pictures
    Pictures folder
    The Pictures folder is located in your home folder.

    My Recent Documents
    Recent Items (in the Apple menu)
    As you open applications and files, their names are kept in the Recent
    Items submenu of the Apple menu. You can use this submenu to quickly
    reopen applications and documents.

    Many applications include an Open Recent command in the File menu that lists documents you have worked on recently.

    Network Connections
    Network preferences
    Use the Network pane of System Preferences to configure your network
    settings. For help setting up or solving network problems, click "Assist

    Performance control panel
    Activity Monitor
    See how your computer is performing and which processes it's running.

    Printers & Faxes
    Print & Fax preferences pane
    Use the Print & Fax pane of System Preferences to select and set up

    Program Files
    Applications folder
    The Applications folder holds Mac OS X applications and utilities.

    Get Info
    In the Finder, select a file, folder, disk, server, or other item, then choose
    File > Get Info to see information about it. You set ownership and
    permissions for the item. For files, you can select the application you want
    to open the file.

    Recycle Bin
    Trash (in the Dock)
    Drag files and folders to the Trash icon in the Dock to delete them. To
    permanently delete the files, choose File > Empty Trash.

    Use Grab to take a picture of the screen. You can also take pictures of the
    screen by using Preview.

    Search Command
    Spotlight and more
    Click the Spotlight (magnifying glass) icon at the right of the menu bar
    and enter search text to find files, documents, applications, email, and
    other items on your Mac.

    Many applications, such as the Finder, Mail, and Address Book provide a search field in the toolbar where you can quickly search for items.

    In Safari, use Google search to find Internet websites.

    Use Sherlock to search the Internet for information.

    To make an alias, select the file or application and choose File > Make

    Sleep (in the Apple menu)
    Sleep is a low-power mode. To put your computer to sleep, choose Apple
    menu > Sleep.

    Start menu and Task bar
    Use the Dock to open your favorite applications, files, folders, and
    Internet websites. By default, the Dock appears at the bottom of the
    screen. Drag items here to add them to the Dock.

    Status icons
    Status menus
    Status menus appear as icons at the right of the menu bar. Use status
    menus to start connections, check the status of portable's battery, and
    change your iChat status.

    Windows Explorer
    Use the Finder organize your files, applications, and other software. To
    open a Finder window, click the desktop and choose File > New Finder

    Windows Media Player
    QuickTime Player

    Use QuickTime Player to enjoy many types of movies and audio.
    QuickTime is also available to Safari and other web browsers so you can
    enjoy media on the Internet.

    Use iTunes to listen to music CDs, purchase music from the iTunes Music Store, and create your own personal digital music library.

    Windows MovieMaker
    Use iMovie to download video from your digital video camera and create
    your own movies.

    semoga ngebantu yg migrasi ke Apple… :gun_bandana:
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    Wah good post bro, boleh saya posting di forum sebelah ?
    Biar berguna untuk para user Mac yg barusan aja pindaj dari jendela
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      boleh dong. Knowledge is for EVERYBODY… :gun_bandana:
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        Thanks bro....

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          Arkan .... :blushing:


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            sepertinya peerlu dihapalkan neh, biar proses meng-apple-kan lebih akurat....!!!
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              yg paling penting… semoga dibaca… sama newbie
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                YUp bener kata hahahihi

                (Newbie (baca: gue ) lagi ngebaca thread)kekekekek
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                  dibaca dan dipraktekkan biar lebih apal
                  trus di tularkan ... mirip virus aja... :)
                  enjoy using ...
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                    Knowledge is for everybody...bener banget tuh
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                      iya nih.. bagus.. thanks ya sob..


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                          matur nuwun sanget juragan.....:001_rolleyes:
                          buatku important puol itu.
                          salam holoh holoh... (pinjem dari orgil):w00t::w00t:


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                            klo ,
                            di windows : Refresh / F5
                            di Mac : ???

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                              Originally posted by venuez View Post
                              klo ,
                              di windows : Refresh / F5
                              di Mac : ???

                              gak butuh, windows butuh refresh supaya gak bolot.... mac mah ndak perlu refresh, tetep lancar dan kenceng....

                              KAOS iOS 7....
                              silakan pesan di sini :

                              ayo-ayo.... beli stiker apple di sini...

                              silakan download majalah MciOS di newsstand Majalah MCI, gratissss....
                              untuk versi pdf silakan download di

                              mau konsultasi gratis atau sekedar main ke rumah, monggo.....

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